DG Technology Managed Services

Cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate. Today, organized cybercrime is the world’s most profitable and fastest growing business with a very low barrier to entry. The greatest risk that organizations now face is not around operations, product development, talent scarcity, or competition for customers, it is centered on data security. Data is the lifeblood of every organization. Without it, business life ceases.


To minimize business disruption and ensure operational continuity, forward-thinking organizations have realized the business, not just the IT department, must make security risk management a priority – a core strategic imperative. Our Managed services put a “protective forcefield” around your business by protecting the data on your most vulnerable cyberattack surfaces – every laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphone you use to do business. These devices, or endpoints, are the everyday entry points for data creation, and the everyday entry points for cybercrime.


The core of security risk management focuses on what cybercriminals consider “low hanging fruit” – software vulnerabilities and human behavior. Our program solves for both. Now we offer your organization an arsenal of data security services to help mitigate your cyber risk and allow your business to focus on what matters most to you: running your business – uninterrupted.


Endpoint Detection and Response

Cybersecurity relies on three components: people, process, and technology. Technology alone will not protect a business. It’s important to understand that relying on a single piece of technology (or two) will not keep you safe. On average, a hacker is in a company’s system for months before they are detected – no anti-virus tool will protect against that.


Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) is security software that replaces or augments legacy antivirus by uniting endpoint protection, detection & response, remediation, and threat hunting into a Windows, Mac, Linux single agent solution.


Ask yourself:

Do you actively monitor your network for threats?

Do you have an Incident Response (IR) plan in place?

Do you use endpoint protection tools?


If you answered no to any of the above questions, consider our Managed Endpoint Detection and Response service.


What is Managed EDR?

Managed EDR is the next generation anti-virus protection managed and monitored 24/7 365. By using a high level of AI and automation, Managed EDR helps organizations identify potential threats and respond to them by:

  1. Collecting data from an organizations’ endpoints that indicate a threat
  2. Analyzing the data to identify normal usage and threat patterns
  3. Automate responses to threats to contain them and notify security personnel
  4. Provide digital forensics to document and search for suspicious activities

EDR monitors laptops, desktops, and servers, as well as tablets, smartphones, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices; every endpoint on an organization’s network. As businesses face more and more cybersecurity threats and the number of endpoints grows, Managed EDR provides an added layer of security with automated threat analysis and response.


How will Managed EDR impact your organization?

Our service delivers value to your organization through operational reliability, reduced business impact and alignment of IT and business goals. We mitigate your risks from cyberattacks and malicious software for you. This reduces your total cost of ownership through focus on well-managed endpoints.  We provide simple remote deployment by device or device group, ensuring bandwidth-friendly mass rollout and signature file updates. Additionally, we can schedule the deployment and reboots at your discretion.


Where do you start?

Contact us and let’s start by reviewing your WISP (written information security plan) or let us help you write one. After reviewing your WISP we will work together to address your current security posture weakness and offer solutions.