Mainframe Event Acquisition System™ (MEAS)

For heavily regulated verticals who need to comply with industry and government standards and regulations. MEAS™ is a software that improves the audit capabilities for mainframe systems. Unlike close to real time non-patented expensive name brand software, our product uses patented technology that feeds real-time data modules from your mainframe to your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

how it works-MEAS

MEAS™ listens for events on the mainframe within each LPAR, selecting only those required by the client. When the desired event is detected, MEAS™ will capture the event details, convert the data to expose the event to the SIEM technology in use by the customer. Additionally, MEAS™ will write and keep a history of events in a database that can be used to execute queries against, perform event correlation, and send additional events to the SIEM software for action.

By having real-time access to your mainframe events, you can better react to situations that require your attention. No more running batch jobs to search through SMF data and having to wait 24 hours before you know something occurred. With MEAS™, you will know about and be able to respond to events that could have a negative impact on your security and compliance requirements.

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