An EPO Health Check Is Key Step In Protecting Your It Environment

By Deb Gannaway on November 16, 2019 7:45 am
Deb Gannaway

Most everyone understands that an annual physical checkup is the best way to stay fit and guard against potentially harmful illnesses. Or that taking your car in for periodic tune ups is the most effective way to ensure your vehicle runs reliably over the long haul. The same concept applies to your IT infrastructure.

IT leaders striving to protect their organizations from outside threats are increasingly looking to optimize their security with a centralized integrated management system based on open architecture. A centrally managed approach makes the enterprise security infrastructure more agile, effective, and proactive. It improves the efficiency of security teams and drives down the overall costs of security management.

Increasingly, organizations have turned to McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) as their centralized security management platform. While that’s a good start, you need to be vigilant in ensuring your ePO is providing the threat defense you need. The best way to do that is with a comprehensive ePO health check.

DG Technology’s ePO Health Check Service provides an analysis of your existing ePO environment to make sure it is operating effectively and to identify any possible misconfigurations. When configured and deployed correctly, your ePO delivers a coordinated, proactive defense against malicious threats and attacks, and helps keep protection up to date.

Reducing your attack surface

A health check often results in “quick wins” that reduce your attack surface and capture some payloads and techniques that hadn’t been identified before. The checkup covers the ePO console, associated ePO components, Virus scan (VSE), and Intel Security Encryption.

The key tasks performed during the check include:

  • Identification of missing ePO patches/updates/hotfixes
  • ePO architecture and functionality review
  • Server and PC Anti-Virus (VSE) policies review
  • Policy and function updates review
  • Policy inheritance review
  • Document repositories and update infrastructure

In addition, you will get a complete review of your existing ePO deployment, defined best practices for AV policies, complete documentation of your ePO configuration, and identification of any pain points or non-functioning features.

Provides a go-forward road map

Following the checkup, you will receive a detailed roadmap to help you move forward and ensure the stability of your security infrastructure. The report will identify your bandwidth utilization by Web 2.0 applications, potentially risky applications and anonymizers, malware downloads, malicious sites, and bot-net activity, vulnerability exploits (IPS) and Advance Evasion Techniques, and a documented set of remediation recommendations.

You have taken an important first step by implementing McAfee’s ePO as your security foundation. Make sure it is still delivering the level of security you expect. Contact DG Technology to set up your free network security health check.