Pen Testing


With the unrelenting barrage of cyberattacks, it is critical to not only build a strong defense but to regularly test those defenses. DG Technology’s Advanced Penetration Testing service leverages the latest attack techniques and testing to analyze your overall security risks and exposure.

Our Advanced Penetration Testing Service Incorporates:

  • External Penetration Test
  • Web Application Penetration Test
  • Internal Assessment of Desktops and Servers
  • Security Policy Review
  • Firewall Configuration
  • Dark Web Search for Compromised Email Accounts
  • Full Phishing Assessment – Optional


Our highly certified security professionals regularly perform automated and manual penetration tests, using proven techniques, methodologies, and tools to detect undesirable risk conditions. External and internal points of attack include Internet routers, firewalls, DNS, the webserver, and database servers as well as undocumented hosts that may provide a foothold or deeper pathway into a company’s infrastructure.


Our methodology to test internal and external devices involves the essential steps needed to create a comprehensive and detailed vulnerability analysis. We identify false positives and false negatives by exploiting vulnerabilities in your security instance.

VAPT Process Flow

DG Technology’s Advanced Penetration Testing service is non-disruptive to the organization and provides valuable insights into a company’s overall security posture, to include:

Verifying your applications, systems, and network meet baseline security standards set by your industry

Supporting security policies and procedures by recommending steps for the IT team to take in order to achieve a more secure environment

Improving business operations by implementing security measures that guarantee more uptime and better performance, and mitigate future problems from security breaches